Mr. Sergio Torre

Mr. Sergio Torre

Sustainable Mobility Director
Duferco Energia Spa


Mechanical Engineer (Land Vehicles), he began his career with the design of electric scooters in Piaggio & C. SpA.

After an experience in Sorgenia Progetti (CCCT in Termoli) and one in the Genoa Transport Office, he joined Fiat Auto SpA as System Engineer of Packaging for the design of the Grande Punto, from the style sketches to the production: the car that relaunched the brand. In 2005 he entered in the world of utilities. Since 2010 he has been working in the Duferco Group, where he followed the birth and development of Duferco Energia SpA (today 284 employees and more than 1 billion in turnover).

He is the depositary of a European patent (EP1923303B1) for an innovative vehicle.

Today Sergio Torre leads the strategic growth of the company on the issues of the sustainable mobility.